Hi! I'm Clare and I design: print, digital, web, ui.

I first built this as a WordPress in the fall of 2022 in an effort to learn the new WordPress Guggenheim interface. I rebuilt it soon after with Dreamweaver and Bootstrap 4. Dreamweaver allows for more control, but Bootstrap 4 was a serious challenge. I know a little coding, but it's not something I do frequently. I still have issues to figure out or recruit some coding help for, but I like this better than the WordPress site. If anyone reading this wants to (or knows someone who wants) trade graphic design for coding, email me!

Yes, I am actively seeking employment. Permanent is preferred, but freelance and/or contract would be nice too. I was laid off recently after 19 years. In addition to looking for permanent work and freelancing, I'm using the time to reaquaint myself with Adobe After Effects, getting to know Figma and Canva, and learning Articulate.

I've been using Adobe since I was a teenager. My parents had an old Mac with Aldus SuperPaint on it. That program eventually evolved into Illustrator and PhotoShop. I’ve continued to use these products, morphing from PageMaker to InDesign through high school, college and to the present. I have some experience with video. There hasn’t been much demand for that in my previous job aside from a huge project several years ago. Once upon a time, when it was still Macromedia, I loved to make Flash content. I’m enjoying getting reconnected with motion design.

The 19 years I’ve worked at the university, I did a wide variety of graphic and web design jobs. Most of the result of that is informational, educational and data visualization, like the QI and Case Study posters. A lot of my university work I'm not free to display here as there are proprietery issues.

I have freelanced off and on throughout my life, when time and desire allowed. I’m also rather good with pencil and paper, watercolor and colored pencils.
See my art blog at clarenancy.blogspot.com. You can see my LinkedIn profile here.

“What's life without whimsy?”

-Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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