Facebook & Instagram

The first section here is a commissioned campaign. Below is my fun personal project.

Quick and easy pieces for a popular news and events page.

These were made with the free version of Canva using photos I took in Downtown Mobile with FaceBook format in mind. The client initially wanted FB covers and later expanded to Instagram. It was a challenge using photos I thought would be good for FaceBook and convert them to the Instagram size. Next set, I'll take photos with both platforms in mind.

I’m not sure he needs the urls on all of these but that is how he wants it for now.

Jobs fill you pocket, but adventures fill your soul."

– Jaime Lyn Beatty

These are fun little headers for a weekly ride I organize called Stop and Smell the Roses.

During summer, I like to remind participants that we ride early in the hot months, hence the Summer Start Time. Most of our riders are middle aged or even senior. They often overlook reading the event description, but if I include it in the event header they will certainly know that we meet at 7am, not 8! We ride 20 miles or more and it can be quite hot down here by 11am during the Summer months!

I generally find the bike picture on Pinterest. I made a template in Illustrator before I learned how easy Canva is. Either way, I’m sure to keep the text within bounds for desktop or mobile.


A graphic of my email