Hi! I'm Clare and I design: digital, e-learning, graphic, instructional, & UI.

I spent 19 years designing engaging learning material, job aids, infographics and managing learning activities in a university medical residency setting until I got laid off the summer of 22. I took the opportunity to freelance, learn new tools, technologies, and refresh my aquaintaince with video editing. I now work from home for a different university using the skills I polished during that hiatus.

When I was earning my MS in ID the tool I fell in love with was Authorware. We never used that in my job at the university, but Articulate Storyline 360 is very much like Authorware and I love it. That type of design incorporates my problem solving skills, my visual design experience and my UI knowledge.

I've been using Adobe since I was a teenager. My parents had an old Mac with Aldus SuperPaint on it. That program eventually evolved into Illustrator and PhotoShop. I’ve continued to use these products, morphing from PageMaker to InDesign through high school, college and to the present. I have some experience with video. There hasn’t been much demand for that in my previous job aside from a huge project several years ago. Once upon a time, when it was still Macromedia, I loved to make Flash content. I’ve enjoying getting reconnected with motion design.

I've done a wide variety of instructional, graphic and web design jobs. Most of the graphic work is informational, educational and data visualization, like the QI and Case Study posters. A lot of my university work I'm not free to display here as there are proprietery issues.

When I'm not designing something, I'm riding my bike, rescuing dogs, or reading fiction. I love planning trips and travelling. I love the outdoors and exploring.

See my art blog at clarenancy.blogspot.com. You can see my LinkedIn profile here. Here is a link to my resume.

“What's life without whimsy?”

-Dr. Sheldon Cooper

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