These were all created with Illustrator and vector graphics before I saved them for this website as png. The notecards are my personal watercolor work. I like to sell note cards featuring my art. Some of my watercolors are painted to 8″ x 20″, a format I admire on my husband’s photography. But this dimension doesn’t translate well on a standard notecard. My solution was to embellish the cards. I used motifs from the paintings and created something interesting to fill the void. I lost the original digital files of these in a hard drive crash a few years ago. But I ran across my last pack of actual cards while reorganizing my workspace.

Aslan, the bottle labels and the tiny trucks were commissioned. The trucks were rather fun. The client wanted them as exact as could be but still resized down very small. Who knew there were so many types of rigs out there? But I did my research and he was very happy with the results.

The three posters toward the bottom were part of a work campaign to inform patients that a new EHR was being implemented and care may be slow. They were displayed through the clinic. I designed them bold and eye catching so they could compete with all the other pieces of paper tacked on the clinic walls.

Toward the bottom are a few flat style illustrations. This is something different for me stylistically, but I got new graphc tablet and gave it a whirl. These are more or less self-portraits. I'll be experimenting more with this style, maybe even getting ultra flat.

Finally, a few cartoon dogs that I will use in an eLearning project about how to safely catch asocial dogs.

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.”

-Bruce Garrabrandt

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